collect – store – use – learn


Collect sensor data from multiple sources, vendors and networks. With the versatile DIMS receiving technology all relevant integrations are possible.


All received sensor data is stored as raw data and is enhanced with various meta data and validation checks for fast retrieval and delivering meaningful quality data.


DIMS delivers a multi channel experience for using and viewing the data. DIMS is available for android and iOS and works with any modern browser when accessed via the portal.


Various machine learning algorithms are implemented to deliver the smart services within DIMS. DIMS offers functionality for predictions and anomaly detection.

Integrated with the major platforms, networks and sensors

DIMS strongly believes in co-creation and cooparation with partners and other vendors. DIMS has standard integrations for the Sigfox and LoRa networks, works together with Route42, Trimble and Tcomm solutions and can receive data from various 2g/3g or 4g sensors.


Web Portal

The DIMS portal is the overall solution for all functionality and management tasks to be performed using DIMS. Geolocations can be set, the AI components can be adapted and maintained, sensors can be connected and viewed using various perspectives. Furthermore queuing and predictive models can be applied.

App / Mobile

DIMS comes with apps for android and iOS. With the app the major functionalities can be used like checking sensor locations, viewing geolocations and which sensors are on which geolocation, settings push notifications on various events and viewing outcomes from the ai components.


DIMS is available both on premise and in the cloud. The modern container based architecture is build to scale and to run on any platform or modern technology stack. By default DIMS is delivered in the cloud from a modern datacenter in Europe. DIMS is using an actor approach for executing the AI functionality.

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